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What a Leader, Whataburger! Seated2Serve
September 10, 2018 Jeff Bickerstaff / Victoria Manuel, Whataburger

In this episode of Seated2Serve, host Jeff Bickerstaff interviews local Sachse Whataburger General Manager Victoria Manuel. What does it take to be an effective community leader? How does Whataburger serve more than burgers and shakes to everyone who walks through the door or drives up to the window?

Jeff Bickerstaff has worked with the city councils of Richardson, Murphy, Forney, and Garland, and currently holds place 6 in Sachse, Texas. Jeff is knowledgeable firsthand of the importance of small family business relationships and how communities work. To be a guest or advertise on Seated2Serve, call 972-771-4992.

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Seated2Serve is sponsored by Jeanie Marten Realty, MartenTeam.com and LCS Travel in Sachse, Texas.

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