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The Courage to Face Covid - OffBeat Business Show

June 14, 2022 Susan Hamilton / John Leake, Peter A. McCullough, M.D., MPH Season 2 Episode 496
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The Courage to Face Covid - OffBeat Business Show
Show Notes

Host Susan Hamilton talks with Dr. Peter McCullough and True Crime Author John Leake about their co-authored book highlighting the criminal aspects of the Covid-19 experience.

The Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex refers to a force actively working against us through the intentional manipulation of information, protocols, and governmental overreach. The story is told in narrative form from Dr. McCullough's point of view, so the reader takes the journey as he learns how to confront and neutralize the enemy. 

Click here to get The Courage to Face Covid-19 co-authored by Dr. Peter McCullough and John Leake for yourself! CourageToFaceCovid.com

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