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Ayn Lllopis - Your Voice Matters Podcast

June 16, 2022 Rebecca Dollinger / Ayn Llopis, Actvisory LLC Season 2 Episode 501
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Ayn Lllopis - Your Voice Matters Podcast
Show Notes

Host Rebecca Dollinger talks with Ayn Llopis, founder and CEO of Actvisory, LLC, an accounting and tax support company. In financial matters, it's important to know what your accounting professional is doing and how the support they offer is growing with you.

Enjoy this great conversation and begin asking the questions about your business that can put you in a better position.

To reach Ayn, go to  Actvisory.com, and call  214-810-1667. Find her on Facebook, Youtube, and LinkedIn, too.

To work with Rebecca Dollinger, sponsor and guest information, email tailored2you@rebeccastylewriter.com, or call 214-729-6307.

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