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The Real Story Behind The DHS’ ”Ministry of Truth” Stand & Deliver Podcast

June 16, 2022 Patrick Wood / Bob Frantz, Citizens For Free Speech Season 2 Episode 500
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The Real Story Behind The DHS’ ”Ministry of Truth” Stand & Deliver Podcast
Show Notes

On the latest jam-packed episode of Stand and Deliver, Patrick delivered the news of two extraordinary conferences. On Sunday, June 12, Patrick joined a panel of distinguished presenters at the American Freedom Alliance's 2022 conference: "Propaganda - Is Anything You Know Real?" Propaganda is an existential threat to the First Amendment, and by extension, to the country as we know it. Patrick will be joined by James O'Keefe, Mark Crispin Miller, Trevor Loudon, Alex Newman and many others for this important event. 

Then, on Saturday, June 18, Patrick heads east to the "Path to Truth" conference in Tampa, FL. Patrick will team with 2 of his colleagues to form the "Crimes Against Humanity Task Force" and will present with Dr. Michael Yeadon for this important event. If you're in the Tampa area and would like tickets to this event, please click HERE.

Patrick and Bob also introduced a new digital version of the CFFS propaganda awareness brochure, which summarizes the efforts of propagandists to distort truth and pollute the minds of the people. 

Finally, a whistleblower in the DHS presented documents proving that the DHS was planning to collude with social media companies to suppress the voices and views of citizens with whom they disagreed, as party of their now-defunct "Ministry of Truth".

Co-hosts Bob Frantz and Patrick Wood deliver their thought-provoking next podcast for Citizens for Free Speech.

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