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Euan Blackman on School Leadership: Are Our Kids Learning? Social Impact Podcast

August 22, 2022 Lynn Davenport / Euan Blackman, Educator & Podcast Host Season 3 Episode 545
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Euan Blackman on School Leadership: Are Our Kids Learning? Social Impact Podcast
Show Notes

Euan Blackman is an immigrant from South Africa who has served as a public school Physics teacher for the last 19 years in Dallas, Highland Park, and Richardson ISD. Prior to following his passion for education, he had a lucrative career in the private sector for 12 years with AT&T and CompUSA. He lives in Richardson, Texas with his wife Laura, who is also a teacher. 

The last time Euan was a guest on Social Impact, we discussed Shiny Objects: The Big Business of School Bonds. This time we had a lively discussion around the mass exodus of local superintendents and why that is happening. He asked an important question about whether or not our children are learning what they should be learning. Under the “veneer of care” in Richardson ISD, many children fell through the cracks as a result of poor policies and progressive learning experiments through Dr. Jeannie Stone. Euan has taken a pragmatic approach to addressing some of the issues with Dr. Stone’s replacement Tabitha Branum and is building a rapport with her to find solutions. The issues in RISD resemble those around the D/FW metroplex. Parents and taxpayers want our American kids to be educated, not pawns for UNESCO, the UN or the World Economic Forum global agenda.

Euan advocates to put the “I” back in the ISD. He is a proponent of open government and adhering to TOMA (Texas Open Meetings Act) laws. As an alternative to progressive Texas teacher organizations, Euan recommends Innovative Teachers of Texas for representation and insurance options for conservative teachers. Look for Euan’s debut with his new podcast on the OBBM Network called “Euan, Me, & The ISD.” 

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