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Wiping Out The Parents - Social Impact Podcast

August 15, 2022 Lynn Davenport / Hollie Plemons, Mary Lowe, Families Engaged Season 3 Episode 538
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Wiping Out The Parents - Social Impact Podcast
Show Notes

Hollie Plemons and Mary Lowe with Families Engaged For Effective Education talk with Host Lynn Davenport to give us some pointers about working with effectively with the school system. Real parent empowerment means parents exercise their rights to maintain authority over their children. The failure to do so puts our kids in the hands of bottom-feeders who are monetizing your child's data, and betting on their failure. 

The grievance process is a legal process that must be followed in order for parent's and student's rights to be heard.  Hear how Hollie was able to protect her child's data and get rid of  Panorama for the whole district. Even after opting out and filing grievances, surveys were still being given to the kids. It took persistence and vigilance to get anything done in her Fort Worth school, and she admits its a constant battle.  Hollie advocates for wearing a 'Don't Survey My Kids' t-shirt!

Mary teaches parents how to go through the grievance process. Anyone can file a grievance (FNG) on a school district website on the listed district policy. It takes about 45 minutes to learn, the process is simple, and she reminds us we're holding them accountable and demanding transparency when we exercise our right to contest. Using civil and education code, parents can validate their points to uphold the laws that actually exist to protect our kids.

Lynn outlines the strategy being used to federalize our local school district voice to wipe out the voice of the parent, creating racism and leveraging banking schemes instead of correcting our school system.

Go to www.FamiliesEngaged.org and get an expert to help you understand what laws you are standing on to start an effective grievance process.

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