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REAL Evaluation of Your Business - Biz Pointz Podcast

August 23, 2022 Larry Kortkamp / Craig Cowles and Richard Gadberry Season 3 Episode 544
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REAL Evaluation of Your Business - Biz Pointz Podcast
Show Notes

Richard Gadberry, Sr. MNA Advisor with Murphy Business & Financial Corporation, and Craig Cowles, CEO of EntreCraft, join Host Larry Kortkamp to discuss business evaluations that improve your position.

Whether you plan to sell your business or not, this information is critical to understand how to maximize your effectiveness in process, profit, and value.

Craig Cowles can be reached at https://www.entrecraft.net/ and Richard Gadberry can be reached at Murphy Business and Financial Corporation https://murphybusiness.com/.

To contactwork with Larry Kortkamp, sponsor the show or be a guest on an upcoming episode, call 972-824-8001 or email larry.k@offbeatbusiness.com.

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