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Lauren Davis Bringing Common Sense to Dallas County - Social Impact Podcast

October 03, 2022 Lynn Davenport / Lauren Davis, Candidate for Dallas County Judge Season 4 Episode 558
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Lauren Davis Bringing Common Sense to Dallas County - Social Impact Podcast
Show Notes

Dallas County Judge Candidate Lauren Davis talks with Host and Education Activist Lynn Davenport about her vision for supporting our community with her role as county judge. People are tired of divisive politics and done with the elite ruling class, and Lauren brings her down-to-earth, family-centered, business experience to this role for, as she puts  it, 'a complete corporate turn-around.'

It's important to understand that operating our counties takes a particular skill set. The job is not to 'keep us safe', it's to ensure we are following the laws designed to protect our right to protect ourselves. As the owner or CEO, Lauren knows that approaching challenges with sweeping mandates without taking into consideration the hourly employees and ethical questions that people in service-based industries are used to, is hurtful at the least. Lauren discusses the scenarios that preceded her run for this position, and in the process reveals her deep understanding of our governing civil rights under the Constitution. 

Go to https://Davis4Dallas.com. Every Saturday from  10Am - 12 PM you can come into the Davis 4 Dallas Campaign Headquarters (9100 N. Central Expressway) at 75 & Park Lane for volunteer orientation. Host a coffee or bring your family to headquarters for Saturday Night Pizza Night and enjoy free family photos! There are many ways to get involved, so get connected today and change the direction of Dallas County.

Remember to vote on voting day!! NOT early voting. Go to DallasCountyVotes.org to learn more.

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