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Tim O'Hare for Transparency in Tarrant County - The Michael Chavez Podcast

October 03, 2022 Michael Chavez / Tim O'Hare, Tarrant County Judge Candidate Season 4 Episode 559
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Tim O'Hare for Transparency in Tarrant County - The Michael Chavez Podcast
Show Notes

Tarrant County Judge Candidate Tim O'Hare joins Host Michael Chavez to discuss the role and what constitutes  'good government'.  The County Judge seat is the second most important role in government after the Governor, and is the office of emergency management for the county. Most people in politics make decisions based on how to get re-elected or benefit themselves. Tim believes that transparency and accountability is the answer to ethics questions that are troubling constituents.

Can you afford to give up 1/12th of your paycheck? With inflation, that's what we've done. People need relief, and a County Judge can lead the county to cut property taxes. We have to make tough decisions and be intentional about our financial situation, and as a business owner, Tim knows how to build efficiencies into county government.

Go to https://ElectTimOHare.com to get behind this candidate with signs, donations, and endorsements.

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