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Is Diabetes Due to Lifestyle or Genes? The Health Engineer Podcast

October 24, 2022 Clint Fuqua / Russender Powell, The Nutrition Lady Season 4 Episode 567
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Is Diabetes Due to Lifestyle or Genes? The Health Engineer Podcast
Show Notes

Clint Fuqua talks with local DFW registered dietician Russender Powell, The Nutrition Lady. Russender wants to reduce co-morbidities like obesity and high blood sugar. By the 6th grade, Russender was noticing the connection between what we consume and the diseases and aging that accompany a poor diet.

What is the difference between a dietician and a nutritionist? Is there a genetic predisposition to diabetes? Can diet solve our health issues? This episode takes you from Russender's background working as a dietician in hospitals to how she's using her education to work more closely with people, especially youth and African-American populations.

When our diets are under control, meds can be reduced, and sometimes even eliminated! Russender talks with Clint about how important it is to be relatable to her audience for maximum impact. Discover simple and easy dietary choices that can change your life in this great episode!

To work with Russender, go to https://MyRDWellness.com.

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