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Pilots and Flight Attendants on Civic Duty - Big Ideas, Small Business Podcast

October 27, 2022 Doreen Milano / Kaye Angiel, Move Freely America Season 4 Episode 568
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Pilots and Flight Attendants on Civic Duty - Big Ideas, Small Business Podcast
Show Notes

Kaye Angiel, Executive Director of the Move Freely America organization, joins host Doreen Milano to discuss the necessity of protecting travel between states. Over the last couple of years, Americans saw the government imposing restrictions to unimpeded movement between states, a Constitutionally protected right of all Americans. Those restrictions looked like masks, quarantines, and forced vaccinations. Penalties in the airline industry included loss of job and income.

What should we do to keep that from happening again? Kaye reminds us that our civic duty includes knowing and interacting with our legislators, showing up for jury duty, and participating in the vote. 

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