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Faith Johnson on Crime in Dallas County - Social Impact Podcast

October 27, 2022 Lynn Davenport / Faith Johnson, Candidate for Dallas County DA Season 4 Episode 570
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Faith Johnson on Crime in Dallas County - Social Impact Podcast
Show Notes

Faith Johnson joined Social Impact Podcast host Lynn Davenport to share her solutions for Dallas County. She’s running as the Republican nominee for Criminal District Attorney. The most recent polling results show her ahead of the incumbent, “Let ‘Em Go Creuzot.”

Faith is appealing to crossover voters who are concerned about the uptick in violent crime in Dallas County. The most dramatic increase in crossover support is coming from residents south of the Trinity River who are tired of the failed policies under her opponent. He has received criticism for allowing criminals to steal $750 or less without prosecution. He was previously funded by George Soros.

Faith Johnson advocates for a return to justice using the law to combat lawlessness.

Early Voting is Monday, October 24 - Friday, November 4. Please try to vote on Election Day, Tuesday November 8 to mitigate any issues with secure elections.


Remember to vote on voting day!! NOT early voting. Go to https://DallasCountyVotes.org to learn more.

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