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Consensus of Science - Stand & Deliver Podcast

October 28, 2022 Patrick Wood / Bob Frantz, Citizens For Free Speech Season 4 Episode 570
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Consensus of Science - Stand & Deliver Podcast
Show Notes

It's a tactic as old as time itself, dating at least back to the Middle Ages: Elites claiming that science is settled, and silencing all dissenting voices on that basis. Patrick and Bob discuss the use of scientific consensus to censor free speech, this time in the area of pandemics and "health emergencies." An important article by Stephen Moore spotlights the threat to our First Amendment liberties in the name of what is actually "scientism" and fraudulent attempts to declare Big Pharma's answer to Covid 19 an unmitigated success, defying all research to the contrary.

We also discuss the latest on the JCPA, or the media cartel act, which would effectively allow giant media corporations to band together and shut out smaller publications, may of which are more grounded in facts rather than left wing propaganda. First Amendment defenders on Capitol Hill remain divided on the issue for some reason, and Senator Mike Lee is the latest to try and bring clarity as to the danger of this bill.

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Citizens for Free Speech is the premier national training and networking organization for local activists who are ready to exercise their First Amendment rights in a strategic and responsible manner in order to effect meaningful policy changes in their local cities, towns and communities.

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