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Lauren Davis, Lynn Davenport, Euan Blackman - OBBM Business Roundtable

November 07, 2022 Susan Hamilton, Larry Kortkamp / Lynn Davenport, Lauren Davis, Euan Blackman Season 4 Episode 575
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Lauren Davis, Lynn Davenport, Euan Blackman - OBBM Business Roundtable
Show Notes

Listen in to lively conversation between Dallas County Judge Candidate Lauren Davis, Lynn Davenport, Larry Kortkamp, Euan Blackman, and Susan Hamilton talking about this important time in history in Dallas County.

If you're not working the polls this election, make sure you're calling your neighborhoods and standing outside voting centers to educate people on the roles and policies on the table.

Preparation for next year starts THIS season, because you may need to throw your hat in the race! Local governance begins with you. Get behind the people who are trustworthy and truly represent us, and if you don't find someone you can get behind, it might be because you should be running for local school board, city council, or another position that needs attention.

Vote on values, resist divisiveness. Get behind Lauren TODAY! Share this everywhere! Davis4Dallas.com.

Discover how legislation currently endangers the local business position, and what is necessary to turn it around.

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