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Winning The Brave Fight - A Badge of Honor Podcast

January 09, 2023 Sam Horwitz & John Salerno / Tempa Sherrill, M.S., LPC-S Season 5 Episode 596
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Winning The Brave Fight - A Badge of Honor Podcast
Show Notes

Hosts and PTSI Resilience Trainers John Salerno and Samantha Horwitz talk with Tempa Sherrill, therapist and founder of The Brave Fight, LLC on @A Badge of Honor Podcast.

The most courageous and brave action you can take is asking for help. The Brave Fight, LLC is a group practice with lived experience helping people overcome trauma, grief, and loss with extensive experience in occupational, relational, and family traumas as well as suicide prevention, intervention, and postvention. No matter where your story begins, our team will walk alongside you on the journey to build resilience and strength. Visit http://www.TheBraveFight.com for more information.

A Badge of Honor offers workshops to first responders across the nation, working with mental health liasons and critical incident management teams for Post Traumatic Stress Injury Recovery, wellness and resilience. A Badge of Honor says, "We Hear You," and wants you to know you are not alone.

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