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Dallas Area Farmer Speaks Out - OBBM Business Roundtable

January 12, 2023 Susan Hamilton / James Lockridge, Grassland Mowing & Commercial Farming Season 5 Episode 598
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Dallas Area Farmer Speaks Out - OBBM Business Roundtable
Show Notes

Part 2: Local farmer and owner of Grassland Mowing & Commercial Farming James Lockridge sits down with Host Susan Hamilton to expose what's going on in the local farming industry. Most people think food comes from the grocery store, forgetting there's more to it. Discover the much misunderstood relationship between the people that run our local, state and national government, and the way property is used to bring food to your table.
At this very moment, regulations are changing in your city that make it increasingly difficult for farmers to work their land. Like and share this message far and wide!

Contact James at 214-500-0871.

Terrel Tipton, Insperity HR Services, 972-409-4316
Wellness Institute, 469-939-8933
Big Feet Creations, 469-450-7350

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