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California Cancels Medicine? Stand & Deliver Podcast

January 13, 2023 Patrick Wood / Bob Frantz, Citizens For Free Speech Season 5 Episode 601
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California Cancels Medicine? Stand & Deliver Podcast
Show Notes

On the first episode of Stand in Deliver of 2023, we pick right off where we left the disastrous year of 2022: Defending free speech against the full frontal attacks that we all face. The state of California starts the new year with a new law forbidding doctors from being doctors. No physicians in the state are permitted to discuss diagnoses of illnesses or possible treatments unless they are consistent with the state medical community's "consensus" on the conditions. One of the most dangerous new laws to come down the line anywhere in America. Additionally, Bob and Pat discuss the danger of a United States senator declaring that "hate speech" is NOT protected by the First Amendment...while one school district in Virginia puts that to the test by trying to silence parents who say things that board members don't like.

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Citizens for Free Speech is the premier national training and networking organization for local activists who are ready to exercise their First Amendment rights in a strategic and responsible manner in order to effect meaningful policy changes in their local cities, towns and communities.

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