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Free Speech is Not Violence - Stand & Deliver Podcast

January 19, 2023 Patrick Wood / Bob Frantz, Citizens For Free Speech Season 5 Episode 607
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Free Speech is Not Violence - Stand & Deliver Podcast
Show Notes

On the latest Stand and Deliver: Patrick and Bob address the latest threats to free speech online--forcing self-censorship by linking opinions to violence caused by others. At issue is the attempt to blame online criticism of controversial bodily mutilation of children for violent actions against people in the LGBTQ community. Politicians, celebrities, and media members have also claimed that refusing to use made-up, hand-crafted "pronouns" for people who self-identify as other random beings is also a form of violence.

Any violent acts against any group of people are completely condemned by CFFS, and by everyone who is critical of the agenda to groom or recruit kids into confusing, alternative lifestyles. Free Americans must not allow fear of being linked to acts that they have nothing to do with lead to their own self-censorship.

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Citizens for Free Speech is the premier national training and networking organization for local activists who are ready to exercise their First Amendment rights in a strategic and responsible manner in order to effect meaningful policy changes in their local cities, towns and communities.

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