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Ed Reform or Ed 'Deform'? Euan, Me, & The ISD Podcast

January 24, 2023 Euan Blackman / Lynn Davenport, Host of Social Impact Podcast Season 5 Episode 610
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Ed Reform or Ed 'Deform'? Euan, Me, & The ISD Podcast
Show Notes

Social Impact Podcast host and education activist Lynn Davenport joins Euan Blackman to discuss education reform and all that term means across the spectrum.

What IS ed reform? Generally:
Accountability -testing
Change the standards
Merit pay, or pay for performance

Listen in to learn what this movement entails. Teachers work with the students they are given, and they don't all come in to the classrooms with the same acumen or previous educational experience. Throughout the semester or year they also learn and grow at different rates and respond differently. We all want our kids prepared for the real world, but today, it looks like the current reform needs reform!

It's possible that we've become data-wise and student-foolish. New technology in the classroom isn't solving this problem, here's why.

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