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A Deeper Dive Into Crypto Currency - Biz Pointz Podcast

March 07, 2023 Larry Kortkamp / Jon West Season 5 Episode 637
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A Deeper Dive Into Crypto Currency - Biz Pointz Podcast
Show Notes

Host Larry Kortkamp talks with Crypto and Blockchain Expert Jon West about crypto currency and blockchain technology so we can get a handle on what this means for business. What do these terms mean, and what do they mean to US?

Jon explains that crypto is only one blockchain technology. Think of a ledger, or a spreadsheet, that keeps consensus between everyone's version of the spreadsheet data. Blockchain turns into a very secure centralized documentation that can be used for all types of information sharing. How do all those computers come to consensus on what shows up on these ledgers? This discussion will open your eyes and help you see the possibilities. Be sure to listen all the way to the end!

To consult with Jon, connect with him on https://linkedin.com/in/jon-west-437a7b or email jon.west@vercey.com.

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