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Experience a Live Business Coaching Session! Big Ideas, Small Business Podcast

March 13, 2023 Doreen Milano / Malcolm Reid, Paul Russo, and Stephen Wood Season 5 Episode 644
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Experience a Live Business Coaching Session! Big Ideas, Small Business Podcast
Show Notes

Host and Executive Business Coach Doreen Milano, ProGlobal Business Academy's Malcolm Reid, Sr, and Consultant Paul Russo, hold a live business coaching session with Dallas newcomer, Magician Stephen Wood.
As a professional magician for over 30 years, Stephen brings a full entertainment experience to the marketplace. He's had to learn to express his value as an art form and a transformational shift. Enjoy this heartwarming session and journey in authentic marketing as they discuss the business of being a magician, and how to take Stephen's business to the next level.

To work with Stephen, go to http://magicandbeyond.com, and find him on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube @MagicianStephenWood.

Malcolm Reid, Sr can be reached at https://proglobalbusinessacademy.com, and Paul Russo can be reached at https://iputtbetter.com

Doreen works with local small and mid-market businesses to help them take the big steps necessary for extreme and solid growth. Go to https://VisionsToExcellence.com to learn about her programs and get started in the right direction today.

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