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How Should You View Data Governance? Biz Pointz Podcast

March 15, 2023 Larry Kortkamp / Paola Saibene and Kyle Roberts Season 5 Episode 648
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How Should You View Data Governance? Biz Pointz Podcast
Show Notes

When it comes to data, most people think they need much more than they do. Once that data is gathered, where is it stored? What does it do? How is it handled? Now that data monetization is becoming a much bigger conversation in most companies, all of these pieces are important to understand. Host Larry Kortkamp talks with Paola Saibene and Kyle Roberts from Teknion Data Solutions. 

The fuel for innovation is data. With a higher level of data now available to us, we need data governance and have no idea how to do it. We don't necessarily have the right to everything we are dealing in. We may start off collecting data for one reason, and later decide to change the purpose of that same data. When the rules change, it's time to reevaluate to be sure we're making ethical choices that could have unintended consequences.

It's time to be asking better questions to be a better steward of the data we capture. Don't be afraid to ask for help, and don't rely too much on automated talent acquisition. Teknion Data Solutions works with businesses to help them develop the data governance necessary today to take your business into your next level responsibly.

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