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Connecting Communities With Rebecca Castro - The Michael Chavez Podcast

July 25, 2023 Michael Chavez / Rebecca Castro, Hispanic INFO Network Season 4 Episode 793
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Connecting Communities With Rebecca Castro - The Michael Chavez Podcast
Show Notes

Host Michael Chavez talks with Rebecca Flores Castro, a.k.a. Rebecca With Results, about her approach to business. Rebecca's history in business, plus her desire to serve the Hispanic and veteran community, is taking the Hispanic INFO Network through the roof. She's a highly educated woman with a strong faith, enjoy this insightful conversation and share it with your friends!

Go to https://www.linkedin.com/company/hispanicinfonetwork to connect with the Hispanic INFO Network today.

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Michael Chavez helps business owners get over their fears and procrastination through great conversations that unearth and expose thoughts and habits keeping us from achieving our goals. Don’t stay stuck in self-doubt and uncertainty; don’t let external circumstances stop you from becoming all you were meant to be. To work with Michael, call 682-365-2078.

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