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Frontline Strong - A Badge of Honor Podcast

July 27, 2023 Samantha Horwitz & John Salerno / Antonio Santana, Frontline Strong Season 4 Episode 795
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Frontline Strong - A Badge of Honor Podcast
Show Notes

Hosts and PTSI Resilience Trainers John Salerno and Samantha Horwitz talk with Antonio Santana, USMC combat veteran, retired law enforcement officer, author, and founder of Frontline Strong Podcast and https://FrontlineStrong.org on A Badge of Honor Podcast.

Your darkness is not your end; it is a part of your journey; it is a chapter in your great book of life. The best things in your life are on the other side of your darkness. Frontline Strong provides the light to help frontline workers get back on the path to healing.

Frontline Strong’s mission is to serve those who make selfless service their life’s work. Our goal is to decrease the impact of trauma on the lives of first responders, frontline healthcare workers, veterans, and their families through access to free counseling services with therapists and social workers with a passion for working with those on the frontline.

A Badge of Honor offers workshops to first responders across the nation, working with mental health liasons and critical incident management teams for Post Traumatic Stress Injury Recovery, wellness and resilience. A Badge of Honor says, "We Hear You," and wants you to know you are not alone. A Badge of Honor is a non-profit partner with Carry The Load as part of their Continuum of Care program.

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