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How to Deal With Damn Near Anything - A Badge of Honor Podcast

August 14, 2023 Samantha Horwitz & John Salerno / John McGlothlin, A Paratrooper's Guide to Life Season 4 Episode 796
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How to Deal With Damn Near Anything - A Badge of Honor Podcast
Show Notes

Hosts and PTSI Resilience Trainers John Salerno and Samantha Horwitz talk with John McGlothlin, U.S. Army Airborne Captain, and author of How to Deal With Damn Near Anything - The Paratrooper's Guide to Life on A Badge of Honor Podcast.

There is a hidden side to the military—behind the stories of leadership and valor is a distinct culture that promotes personal growth and development. In How to Deal with Damn Near Anything: The Paratrooper’s Guide to Life, John McGlothlin shows how this culture can benefit anyone.

Using a mix of research and first-hand experience, McGlothlin distills this culture into five “inner traits” essential to facing any challenge. Each trait is examined in detail: what they mean, how they fit together, how to build them, and why being a paratrooper offers a unique perspective on doing so.

No place fuses personal and professional like the “airborne.” The result is a series of lessons no classroom or regular workplace can teach. You don’t have to enlist to learn them–you just have to embrace the right mix of practical thinking, honesty, and a desire to improve. How to Deal with Damn Near Anything will guide you through that process and put you on the right path for stability and success. Purchase the book here https://www.amzn.com/1636767516

A Badge of Honor offers workshops to first responders across the nation, working with mental health liasons and critical incident management teams for Post Traumatic Stress Injury Recovery, wellness and resilience. A Badge of Honor says, "We Hear You," and wants you to know you are not alone. A Badge of Honor is a non-profit partner with Carry The Load as part of their Continuum of Care program.

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