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Cycling Coast to Coast For Awareness - A Badge of Honor Podcast

September 21, 2023 Samantha Horwitz and John Salerno / Conrad Weaver, John Patterson Season 4 Episode 784
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Cycling Coast to Coast For Awareness - A Badge of Honor Podcast
Show Notes

Hosts and PTSI Resilience Trainers John Salerno and Samantha Horwitz talk with Conrad Weaver and John Patterson, fresh off their Coast-to-Coast bicycle tour raising awareness surrounding the struggles our first responders face every day on A Badge of Honor Podcast.

PTSD911 is a documentary film about real people: normal, average human beings who have chosen to work in professions that require above average heroism, fortitude, and resolve. These men and women have jobs that require a willingness to face things that most of us can’t even imagine, yet maintain a high level of dignity and professionalism. First responders in fact repeatedly see and experience things that most of us will never see, causing compound issues related to post-traumatic stress injuries and disorders. Find out more at https://ptsd911movie.com/

A Badge of Honor offers workshops to first responders across the nation, working with mental health liasions and critical incident management teams for Post Traumatic Stress Injury Recovery, wellness and resilience. A Badge of Honor says, "We Hear You," and wants you to know you are not alone. A Badge of Honor is a non-profit partner with Carry The Load as part of their Continuum of Care program.

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