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Advertising, Branding, and Hypnotherapy - Building The Brand Podcast

December 23, 2020 Paul Hittner / Valerie Grimes, The Flow Center Dallas Season 4 Episode 25
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Advertising, Branding, and Hypnotherapy - Building The Brand Podcast
Show Notes

Meet Valerie Grimes, founder of The Flow Center in Dallas, Texas, talking with Host Paul Hittner about how her history in advertising progressed to solutions in hypnotherapy. While that may seem like a leap, both advertising and hypnotherapy revolve around offering solutions packaged to meet the ‘want’ while solving up the ‘need’ in nontraditional ways. As the name suggests, a flow of inspiration happens when we relax and remove obstacles from our thinking. 

After 15 years in the ad agency and a divorce, she closed her business. Her first freelance project was for a hypnotherapy school, and as she learned how to support their brand development, the lights went on. She knew hypnotherapy was the solution she would offer from then on. 

Imagining what we really want, as opposed to what we are experiencing, is a positive mental exercise, and hypnosis is merely using that imagination in a relaxed state to release ideas that are being brewed in the subconscious. For executives managing work, life, travel and health - a mindset shift helps them move forward with less stress.

As a mind coach, Valerie’s first clients were sales coaches, offering on-site sales training to overcome cold calling and improve focus. To deal with stress, often these people were drinking too much and using unhealthy coping mechanisms. The Flow Center was originally created to be an alcohol dependency clinic! 

Valerie works with people to uncover and remove limiting beliefs - and we all have them. We’re saying things to ourselves like, “No, you don’t want to be greedy,” or “You can’t make more money than your father.” When you own your power and open up the possibilities, the sky's the limit. 

Paul Hittner works with brands like Valerie’s to help them take those same leaps with brand development and process flow. This was important, because due to the way Covid took control away from businesses over 2020, Valerie found herself exhausted, depressed, and needing help to see her own dreams materialize. Everyone needs help at some point, and when things feel out of control, reach out to someone so you can get out of your own way, too. Paul helped her to remember her core values, so she could get back to business powerfully. 

To work with Valerie, go to TheFlowCenter.com, The Flow Center on Facebook, Instagram, and connect with her on LinkedIn

To work with Paul, go to BizVisionary.com, or call 214-984-2773. Call today to learn about guest and sponsor opportunities that fit your goals and budget. 

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