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One Physical Therapist's Brand Journey - Building The Brand

January 07, 2021 Paul Hittner / Mary Thomas, Innovative Therapies PC Season 1 Episode 34
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One Physical Therapist's Brand Journey - Building The Brand
Show Notes

Mary Thomas, the owner of Innovative Therapy PC, talks to Host Paul Hittner about her journey building a powerful DFW brand. 

It’s important to bring your gold to the table! When you feel passionately about your business, and are building with intentionality - you don’t want to miss reflecting that in your brand presence. 

Listen to this great episode for insight into your own powerful and effective brand strategy. 

To work with Mary Thomas, go to InnovativeTherapyPC.com, and check her out on Youtube and Facebook.

To work with Paul, go to BizVisionary.com.

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