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January 22, 2021 Paul Hittner / Jeff McKissack, Defense by Design Season 1 Episode 48
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Defense by Design - Building The Brand Podcast
Show Notes

Host Paul Hittner talks with Jeff Mckissack, founder of Defense by Design, about getting his programs into an unrecognized market. The challenge was the transition from the educational school market to the corporate world. Check out how he recognized the opportunity and became a powerful influence for good in a market niche that didn't even know they needed him! Can you step into a smarter role in the marketplace? Paul, the Biz Visionary, talks with Jeff to unearth the details that had to be considered. 

Listen in to learn about this important business and topic, and how to distinguish between the audience and buyer.

To work with Jeff McKissack, call 214-507-3567 or go to DefenseByDesign.com. Go to TwoKeyQuestions.now.site for an incredible 10-minute video helping you and your loved ones stay safer by learning to apply TWO (2) *KEY* Questions.

To work with Paul, go to BizVisionary.com. Check out BizVisionary.com/OBBM to take advantage of Paul’s brand strategy workshops for 50% off!

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