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Sissy’s Soapery, From Corporate to Solopreneur - Building The Brand Podcast

February 08, 2021 Paul Hittner / Sissy Littlefield, Sissy's Soapery Season 1 Episode 54
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Sissy’s Soapery, From Corporate to Solopreneur - Building The Brand Podcast
Show Notes

Successful local craft soap maker, Sissy Littlefield, talks to Host Paul Hittner about entrepreneurship.

After 25 years in the banking industry, why would she want to leave a corporate position, and how would she replace the income? Listen in to find out!

Sissy needed to be able to shift her environment from a fulfilling-but-rudimentary role, to a more flexible lifestyle. 

To order fabulous custom and craft soaps, email sgslittlefield@gmail.com or call 214-695-8999. 

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