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How to Catch Big Fish - Building The Brand Podcast

March 02, 2021 Paul Hittner / Gregory Shaffer, Shaffer Security Group Season 1 Episode 67
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How to Catch Big Fish - Building The Brand Podcast
Show Notes

Gregory Shaffer talks with Paul Hittner about transitioning from his career in the special forces and FBI after 31 years, and opening Shaffer Security Group using his expertise to make the world a better place. How do you go from a lifestyle of being invisible to a highly visible author and national security authority? Listen in to learn more. 

In his book, Stay Safe, Security Secrets for Today’s Dangerous World, Greg outlines that fear comes from not knowing what to do. Now he teaches others to know exactly what to do to safeguard themselves during critical incidents. 

To attract larger contracts, or bigger fish, Greg had to put ego aside and focus on creating a workforce of exceptional people, and look specifically for people better at the job than he was. Getting advice from others in the industry played a large role in all the steps to follow. 

Gregory used a book to build his reputation, and considers it the ONE thing that’s put them over the edge, offering instant credibility. In addition, the creation of the book created a ‘procedure manual’ of sorts, solidifying core points that reinforced his internal processes. 

To work with Gregory, go to ShafferSecurityGroup.com, and get his book on Amazon today.

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