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How Do We Get Things Done Around Here? Building The Brand Podcast

March 14, 2021 Paul Hittner / Ginny Gray, Ph.D. Season 1 Episode 59
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How Do We Get Things Done Around Here? Building The Brand Podcast
Show Notes

While it’s important to focus on how we get things done, it’s common to give little attention to the culture of a company. But how do we as a collective group agree to behave? Building a culture that accurately represents your brand starts on the internal side of your business. 

Ginny Gray, Ph.D. is a psychologist working on the organizational side of the work environment. Ginny talks candidly with Host Paul Hittner about how companies grow a highly engaged team to improve their bottom line by as much as 20%. 

Focusing on the internal directly connects you to every facet of your business, from supply chain to customer-facing front lines. Listen in to find out how to future proof your company, unified around core beliefs that are more than virtue signals. 

Connect with Ginny on LinkedIn. To work with her directly, call 214-734-7177 or email dr.gray@verizon.net

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