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Customer Service with Robin Marriott - Building The Brand Podcast

May 20, 2021 Paul Hittner / Robin Marriott, Engel & Volkers Dallas Southlake Season 2 Episode 105
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Customer Service with Robin Marriott - Building The Brand Podcast
Show Notes

Robin Marriott started understanding customer service as a high school teacher, and later took her skills to CEOs, entrepreneurs, and upper level management.  For Robin, customer service and social skills are merely ettiquette and manners. Suprisingly, from medical doctors at Baylor Scott & White and beyond, these basics play a huge role in whether or not a customer actually takes your advisement!

Create a trusting relationship when you exercise manners, but teaching high-level clients where ettiquette is needed requires great tact. Host Paul Hittner gets Robin to reveal tips we can ALL use today.

The first 20 seconds are key to winning trust with clients and others. Listen in to Robin to learn how you can improve your techniques and reap the benefits of being a trusted and well-liked advisor.

Reach out to Robin at 817-966-0519, or email Robin.Marriott@EVRealEstate.com.

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