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Networking Took His Brand to The Next Level - Building The Brand Podcast

July 01, 2021 Paul Hittner / Alfred Walker, Alfred Walker Farmers Insurance Agency Season 3 Episode 149
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Networking Took His Brand to The Next Level - Building The Brand Podcast
Show Notes

Host Paul Hittner talks with Alfred Walker, Irving-based Alfred Walker Farmers Insurance Agency serving DFW and Oklahoma, about his journey growing his brand through networking. Be inspired to think big when you hear his story of growth through challenges most business owners will face as they work with bootstrap capital, family, and time constraints.

Discover how Alfred has decided to work with the community to offer a solutions-oriented approach that includes non profit work. Paul gets Alfred to reveal his techniques, from his elevator speech to framework for partnerships, to his book, Starting from Scratch: An Entrepreneur's Play book For Business Success. What are 'triggering events'? Why do you need to know? As an insurance advisor focused on the business sector, Alfred has insight that 70% of businesses overlook and you need to hear!

To learn more, go to Alfred Walker Farmers Insurance Agency, or call 972-438-3557.   Interested in supporting the organization Alfred is working with? Go to AMBUCS.org and find a local chapter. 

Go to BizVisionary.com and type in OBBM for 50% off workshops that will take your brand to the next level. Call 214-984-2773 for guest and sponsor information.

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