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August 20, 2021 Paul Hittner / Isaiah Thomas, Networking Knights Season 3 Episode 168
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Networking Knights - Building The Brand Podcast
Show Notes

Dr. Isaiah Thomas talks to Host Paul Hittner about building a brand around entrepreneurship in youth sectors. He's observed both a growth mindset, and a fixed mindset in people as young as 1st grade, and believes developing community between those groups encourages growth mindsets that might otherwise be missed,.

Dr. Thomas has his hands in many entrepreneurial enterprises. Since he's left education, he continues to endeavor to bring higher levels of business insight to others as a catalyst for their success!  His nonprofit, Networking Knights, intentionally fosters an environment that connects, add value and creates a greater opportunity to step out your comfort zone and build social capital.

For more information on Networking Knights, or to work with Dr. Thomas, go to info@networkingknights.org, or go to NetworkingKnights.org. Find them on Facebook and Instagram, too.

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