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Dr. Dean's Got Your Back! Power of a Positive Playlist Podcast

September 22, 2021 John Chester / Dr. Dean Baronowski, Dr. Dean Family Chiropractic Season 3 Episode 204
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Dr. Dean's Got Your Back! Power of a Positive Playlist Podcast
Show Notes

Dr. Dean Baronowski D.C. joins Host John Chester to discuss what he's seeing at Dr. Dean Family Chiropractic in Irving, TX.  When we know how our bodies work, like brushing our teeth, we're participating in proactive care to keep us in optimal health. Most people consider chiropractic care when they've had a crisis or mobility issue, and it's important to do that. But like great dental care, when you start from a healthy position, your body is poised to recover faster and you are less likely to suffer complications. It's the difference between wellness care and injury care.

Dr. Dean talks about his experience at 15 years old, when he learned personally about the power of chiropractic. The number one reason people seek chiropractic is pain, but pain travels, and doesn't necessarily exist where it originates. How can you tell if your immune system is working? You can't, but your nerves are connected to that.  Listen in to learn how our musculoskeletal system can literally 'turn the power on' when it's working optimally!

To work with Dr. Dean, go to DrDeanFamilyChiropractic.com, or call 972-258-6220 to make your appointment today.

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To work with John for your own playlist workshop, or to hire him to work with or speak with your group, go to IvorChester.com or call 214-606-8625.

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