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OBBM Network Roundtable - Larry Kortkamp, Rick Rawson, John Chester, Robin McCoy

September 23, 2021 Susan Hamilton / John Chester, Rick Rawson, Larry Kortkamp, Robin McCoy Season 3 Episode 195
OBBM Network
OBBM Network Roundtable - Larry Kortkamp, Rick Rawson, John Chester, Robin McCoy
Show Notes

OBBM Network Hosts Susan Hamilton, Larry Kortkamp, Rick Rawson, John Chester, and Robin McCoy chat it up about DFW business media. Face to face is ALWAYS the best way to do business!

Discover how each of these hosts reaches the community to support other businesses and get things done.  Is it your voice? Is it your tribe? Is it your approach? WHAT exactly works to engage the DFW business community?

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