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Tax Help, Right Now With Mike Allbright - Relationship Mastery Podcast

September 24, 2021 Paul Russo / Mike Allbright, Tax Clean Up Season 3 Episode 209
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Tax Help, Right Now With Mike Allbright - Relationship Mastery Podcast
Show Notes

Mike Allbright, owner of Tax Clean Up in Farmer's Branch, Texas talks with guest host Susan Hamilton about creating relationships that help him do a great job for his clients.

There are a million reasons why your taxes may need cleaning up! Mike and Susan describe stories that probably resonate with you. Mike's approach?
#1. Can I help you? Is the expectation realistic? As an Enrolled Agent, he has unlimited rights to represent businesses before the IRS.  Listen in to learn the difference between an Enrolled Agent, CPA, and tax attorney.  An E.A. is knowledgeable in tax law for appropriate representation if that's necessary.

Mike runs around with a little pink box of Payday candy bars, enjoy hearing all the ways he engages the community so he can do a better job of serving them. 

To work with Mike and his team, go to TaxCleanUp.com, find them on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, and at Farmer's Branch Chamber of Commerce Events. Give him a call 214-617-2020. Mention this podcast and get 10% off Tax Clean Up services!  

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