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Data Privacy and Data Governance in Public Schools - Social Impact Podcast

September 24, 2021 Lynn Davenport / Michael McCracken, Certified IT Auditor and Cybersecurity Analyst Season 3 Episode 214
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Data Privacy and Data Governance in Public Schools - Social Impact Podcast
Show Notes

As social impact bonds and human capital investing markets increase, the captive market of public schools offer a treasure trove of data-mining opportunities. Children are being viewed as investment vehicles for pay-for-success schemes which require constant surveillance through technology devices and educational apps. According to testimony before the Texas Commission on Next Generation Assessment and Accountability, Texas hasmined more student data than any other state. As districts grow more dependent on technology, the risk for data breaches and private data to be sold is increasing. Student data is the new oil. 

Michael McCracken is a Certified IT Auditor and Cybersecurity Analyst with experience in the public and private sector including financial, ISDs, colleges, public-private partnerships, Fortune 500 companies, retail, hospitality and other industries. He’s also the father of a young child and is deeply concerned about protecting his child’s data. He helped explain the importance of data privacy governance, data privacy architecture and data life-cycle. 

Our school districts are not equipped to steward student data properly. He says we should be able to request access to all data collected on our own children. Most districts are sitting ducks for data breaches and cybercriminals.
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