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Supply Chain Solutions in DFW - Building The Brand Podcast

September 24, 2021 Paul Hittner / Brett Scharff, Suddath Global Logistics Season 3 Episode 194
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Supply Chain Solutions in DFW - Building The Brand Podcast
Show Notes

We may be spending too much time getting our products from point A to point B. Brett Scharff is a warehousing and logistics consultant with Suddath Global Logistics in DFW, and he sits down with Host Paul Hittner to discuss the brand story behind his message.

DFW offers a great networking climate, and Brett leverages great relationships to educate the business community on the services small businesses need for growth.  He came from a small business family, and understands their logistics struggles in ways larger companies deal with more proactively. Rapid population growth has created challenges to get products to consumer in a cost effective and timely way.  Brett walks us through the customer journey to help us think through logisitcs today so we can think through our own supply chain wisely.

Go to Suddath Global Logistics to learn more about the DFW supply chain solutions, and call Brett Scharff at 469-227-0862 or email him at Brett.Scharff@suddath.com.

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