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September 29, 2021 Doreen Milano / Seneca Alma, KMIR Season 3 Episode 183
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Digital Detox - Big Ideas, Small Business Podcast
Show Notes

Speaker, fitness instructor, and KMIR founder Seneca Alma and his sidekick Sean talks with Host Doreen Milano about switching gears from our technology to engage in a digital detox. KMIR stands for Keep Me In Remembrance, a nonprofit organization focused on human to human connection in the DFW area.  Seneca stresses the importance of authenticity, and learning to become the person you can wake up with every morning with peace and intentionality.

Seneca sees himself as a spiritual leader, and works with youth and businesses to help them work through challenges that may impair employment opportunities. Participating in Digital Detox helps people learn how to engage, improving communication skills with meaningful interactive tools.

Programs Seneca refers to in this episode:
Ruthie's Food Trucks
Cafe Momentum
To work with Seneca and his team, or to learn more about his programs, go to KMIR.life, email [email protected].

To get started on your business success track with Doreen, go to https://VisionsToExcellence.com or call 650-483-5798. https://V2Eacademy.com and https://V2Ecoaching.com are two additional resources for you to grow your business!

Doreen works with local small and mid-market businesses to help them take the big steps necessary for extreme and solid growth. Go to VisionsToExcellence.com to learn about her programs and get started in the right direction today.

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