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Learn to Listen to Your Body - Living Well With Carol Podcast

October 04, 2021 Carol Anglin / Dr. Lance Wright, Flowtrition.com Season 4 Episode 203
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Learn to Listen to Your Body - Living Well With Carol Podcast
Show Notes

Dr. Lance Wright joins Host Carol Anglin to discuss Flowtrition, a light touch non-therapeutic approach that helps us understand how to listen to our bodies. Our bodies are not trying to keep us comfortable, they are trying to keep us alive. It wants to be efficient, and everything we experience has a purpose.  Traumas, thoughts, and toxins are behind everything!

Most people think they can go somewhere to 'get fixed'. Dr. Wright is careful to let people know he works as a guide so that in our body's infinite wisdom, we can understand pain and the other symptoms that slip up on us.

Flowtrition works from the spine, as a 'central control', to help us understand the biofeedback we need for real solutions. This gives us a virtual 'reset' button for issues we experience. Listen in to learn how to apply this for your own life! We're made to heal, it happens naturally. So what happens when something never really heals? You may need a facilitator.

Go to Flowtrition.com to learn more about this groundbreaking, yet ancient approach to your health. Call 972-720-1777 for your appointment today
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