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Mental Potency - Mental Health & Toxicity Podcast

October 04, 2021 Deanna Blair / Teri Karjala, Talking With Teri Podcast Season 4 Episode 210
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Mental Potency - Mental Health & Toxicity Podcast
Show Notes

Transformational Life Strategist Teri  Karjala talks with Host Deanna Blair about how we think and how to improve it. 24 years as a mental health therapist, a love for energy psychology, and applied quantum physics has brought Teri to a place in her career where she can impact women who are getting in their own way. We need more people to step into their passion and potency! When we do, we're allowing ourselves to have a greater impact on the world.

The biggest challenge is trusting our 'knower' to move into the right position in our lives. In addition, women struggle with mindset, and can be our own biggest toxicity. The things we believe about ourselves, what we say to ourselves, limits our abililty to step forward. We sabatoge ourselves and wonder why we get stuck on hamster wheels, when we keep creating what we did the year before. Deanna reminds us that the things we allow to be spoken into us are also detrimental. Listen in to  the vibrational scale that will help you see how your emotional life draws or repels negativity.

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