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How to Take Your School Board Back - Social Impact Podcast

October 04, 2021 Lynn Davenport / Cam Bryan, Southlake-Carroll ISD Trustee Season 4 Episode 213
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How to Take Your School Board Back - Social Impact Podcast
Show Notes

Cam Bryan, Trustee on the Carroll ISD School Board, talks with Lynn Davenport to share their approach to school board policy that reflects the will of the community. Out of 21,000 registered voters in Southlake, an unheard of 45% came out to vote. Debates, interviews, and meet-and-greets were all part of the strategy used to get the attention and ears of the community. School boards set policy and determine the property tax rate, but people really don't know what they do, or that they control 85% of the property tax rate. 

Back in 2018, a video of a youth singing along to a song with a racial slur went viral, and that resulted in a60 member District Diversity Council (DDC) that came up with ways to eliminate racism on the campuses. The DDC made 340 changes to the student code of conduct which included CRT-like elements such as punishment for 'micro-aggressions' and a Cultural Compentence Action Plan (CCAP), outlined in this podcast. Under this plan, among other things stipulations, teachers would be graded on how 'culturally competent' they are, shifting attention away from reading and writing skills. The new Southlake-Carroll board is determined to lower the tax rate, balance the budget, and bring reasonable academic expectations back to our K-12 experience - and in fact, are already working through the details of successful implementation. 

Transparency and accountability includes bringing citizens onto the committees being created, to directly reflect the community, rather than the fragmented approach that is so discouraging for the public at large. This is not a partisan issue. The Southlake-Carroll School District is making their successful blueprint available for any school district that wants to take the reigns back for their districts, too. 

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