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Build People Groups - Your Voice Matters Podcast

October 06, 2021 Rebecca Dollinger / Robin McCoy, Robin McCoy Realty Group Season 4 Episode 200
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Build People Groups - Your Voice Matters Podcast
Show Notes

Host of the Relax, I Got This! Podcast, Robin McCoy, joins Host Rebecca Dollinger to talk about her new show on the OBBM Network.  For Robin, as a real estate agent, she's in a unique position to connect people in business throughout every network she's a part of.

People that support you, people that are in your world, come in at various times of your life. These are valuable opportunities to create synergies beyond our needs, to consciously connect people in your network to others. Robin points out that all the adjustments we've made over the last 18 mos has given us a real hunger for relationships that are meaningful.

Rebecca and Robin met each other through the American Business Women's Association (ABWA) and talk about the value this organization has been to them both. 

Go to RobinMcCoyRealty.com to work with Robin, and get the Relax, I Got This! Podcast here. Call or text her at (214) 226-3770, or email her [email protected].

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