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October 06, 2021 Robin McCoy / Eric Oberto, Actor, Musician Season 4 Episode 219
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For the Love of Music - Relax, I Got This! Podcast
Show Notes

Musician, songwriter, and actor Eric Oberto talks with Host Robin McCoy about his journey through success, loss, and innovation. 

Eric made his first thunderous splash into the entertainment industry as the singer/songwriter/front man of the popular synth-core band Tungsten Coil.

In 2015, he was diagnosed with Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss in his right ear. Being a play-by-ear musician and songwriter, when his right ear malfunctioned- his ability to clearly paint musical pictures through synesthesia was severely impaired (and almost lost).

Over the next few years, he made multiple unsuccessful attempts to overcome his disability and feared that his songwriting days were over. He then became obsessed with finding a solution to overcome his handicap. In 2020 he finally found a path to create music using his one good ear and fill in the gaps of the broken ear by making use of computer software tools. These tools allow him to visually identify frequencies that he can no longer hear, and he is now able to visually see the stereo field where sounds reside. He also found a device that allows him to independently EQ the left and right sides of his headphones. This device gives him the ability to boost all the lost hearing frequencies in the right ear; to fill in the missing gaps.

These amazing tools do not make him whole again, but they do provide a new path forward to pursue his musical dreams. Now, against all odds, Eric is writing the best music of his career. 

To learn more about Eric and all he offers today, go to EricOBerto.com,
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