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How Environmental Analysis Helps You Take Back Your LIfe - The Health Engineer Podcast

October 11, 2021 Clint Fuqua / Wendy Michaelis, fixAIR Environmental Analysts Season 4 Episode 189
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How Environmental Analysis Helps You Take Back Your LIfe - The Health Engineer Podcast
Show Notes

Wendy Michaelis with fixAIR Dallas Indoor Air Quality in Plano, TX,  joins The Health Engineer Clint Fuqua to discuss air quality issues North Texans commonly deal with.

Home inspections and air duct cleans don't reveal the bacteria and pathogens that we're exposed to in our homes, automobiles, and workspaces. Air quality effects more than our breathing, and most people don't realize the exposure they are getting on a routine basis.

These issues can get quite expensive, and it's possible that insurance covers the cost of analysis. fixAir is qualified to assess and document the toxin, recommend remediation protocols, and then return to inspect that the problem was resolved. Insurance adjusters can deny coverage when this level of reporting is not present.

It's also possible a pathogenic exposure or allergic reaction must be proven for a medical professional to take your ailments seriously. With fixAir, you can be confident that pathogens are exposed and eliminated.

Go to https://iaqrx.com/ to learn more about fixAir, and call (469) 225-3397 to schedule your assessment today.

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