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Clean Hair Care Products in DFW - Mental Health & Toxicity Podcast

October 14, 2021 Deanna Blair / Janette Dent, Jus 4 Us Naturals Hair Care Season 4 Episode 229
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Clean Hair Care Products in DFW - Mental Health & Toxicity Podcast
Show Notes

Jus 4 Us Naturals Hair Care owner and Disabled Navy Veteran Janette Dent sits down with guest host Susan Hamilton, sitting in for Deanna Blair.

Is dry, fuzzy, unmanageable hair due to North Texas weather? Hormones? Chances are, chemicals in your hair and skin care are even more to blame. Find out how Janette developed her product line and how she grew her successful Mansfield-based natural hair and skin care product lines.

Go to Jus4UsNaturals.us to order these products that are toxin-free and created with only natural ingredients. Check out the Jus 4 Us Naturals travel packs for your personal or holiday gift list, and you'll go back for larger sizes! 

Want your product or service to get more exposure? For guest and sponsor information, call Deanna Blair at 469-964-1669. Connect with Spot The Dots on FacebookandInstagram, too.

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