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The Art of Communication in Business Insurance - Relationship Mastery Podcast

October 14, 2021 Paul Russo / Dwight Hodge, DSHealth Insurance Season 4 Episode 228
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The Art of Communication in Business Insurance - Relationship Mastery Podcast
Show Notes

Host Paul Russo discusses relationship building in the B2B insurance industry with Dwight Hodge, owner of DSHealth Insurance. Dwight has done the door knocking and the hard work of learning how to have conversations without doors closing! Now he's enjoying word of mouth and referral business, listen to how he's moved into the next level of his business.

We all want people to like us, but a great sale means a need was met and desires were fulfilled. Knowing your product lines and having a diverse set of resources is great, and listening with compassion and an ear focused on needs assessment ensures the right combination of insurance and budget.

Go to DSHealthInsurance.now.site to schedule a quote or call 214-682-3063 to be sure you're covered for the needs in your business and life. 

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