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October 15, 2021 Rick Rawson / Trey Rush, Paytech Plus Merchant Services Season 4 Episode 217
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Paytech Plus - Power Group Allen Podcast
Show Notes

Host Rick Rawson talks with Trey Rush, owner of Paytech Plus, a payment technology company serving local DFW businesses. Trey's clients appreciate his hands-on approach to customer service.  Competing with the big dogs in merchant services sounds like a monstrous challenge, but actually, removing the big bank middleman allows Paytech Plus to charge lower rates and process more efficiently.

Paytech Plus isn't a newbie on the playing field, they've been serving the community for over 8 years. Go to PaytechPlus.business.site to get started or call (469) 850-2308.

To work with Rick Rawson, go to ExpanseLLCSocial5.com, or call 214-500-8448. Call to find out more about the events Rick is sharing in this episode! 

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